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The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training  

The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training Programme* is designed to broaden knowledge of all aspects of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store. Look out for our trained specialists wearing their Fragrance Foundation Pin in store.

The Fragrance Foundation UK has launched an exciting new initiative of scented training cards to accompany the course and enhance your learning experience. The cards use encapsulated fragrance technology; millions of microscopic bubbles burst when touched and release each fragrance, enabling you to smell key ingredients from each fragrance facet.

In retail terms, this course will positively impact your sales and increase your success and performance in this unique and exciting industry.

The course focuses on ways to educate and assist you and your customers – helping to discover ideal fragrances and additional  products, and by doing so offering a true customer service experience within a defined selling skills method that leads to a purchase.

The course has been designed to reflect the current UK market, making it completely relevant and essential to anyone selling fragrance.

With accreditation to this programme you will be expanding your expertise and enhancing your career growth potential whether that is on the sales floor direct with a consumer or in any other area of the fragrance world

The course is perfect for people all over the country as it can be accessed from any place and we estimate around 15 hours of study across the 2 month period.

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Consultants all across the country are participating in this exciting new course and we look forward to welcoming you!

£195 + VAT for Members, £390 + VAT for Non-Members 

*The online training programme is the copyright work of Roja Dove and is used under licence by the Fragrance Foundation.

Who’s using this course?



Aspects Beauty Company,  Acqua Di Parma, Brands West, Clarins, Coty UK, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Glorious Brands, Guerlain, Hannah Jayne Perfumery, Hermès, Kenneth Green Associates, Lancome, L’Oréal Designer Fragrances, Parfums de Marly, Penhaligon's, Puig, Roja Parfums, Scentstore, Shiseido Group, Sunnamusk, The Lovely Distribution Company, The Orange Square Company, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


“Absolutely loved the course; thank you for allowing me to take part! I really enjoyed it. It was a fantastic course and gave me a fresh insight into the amazing world of fragrance!”

“I am loving The Fragrance Foundation course! The layout is beautiful and the language used is very concise and informative.”

“I'm really enjoying the course and learning so much. It's really well structured and easy to take on the information.”

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the course; I’ve completed it and have been putting the selling skills to good use in store."

Consultants of the Year 2021

Our consultants of the year, who scored the highest marks on the course in 2020, with 99% in the Specialist Exam and 100% in the honours! 

Nicola Warriner - Penhaligon's

"In 2020 I had the opportunity to take the Fragrance Foundation online course. When everything was different, unsettled and at times particularly challenging doing so provided a unique window for study and creative reflection. 

In brief the course gave a structure and deeper understanding of what I have been trying to facilitate in a customer facing capacity over the last 25 years. It was engaging, fun and highly informative. I was able to refresh ideas and knowledge about the world of scent and this took me on an unexpected and unexplored experience as it directly connected me to my own green space in a time where it mattered most. 

What was it that I had directly around me that could be linked to the messages written and learnt? My garden has always been an important visual canvas yet now I was able to explore fully the scents at my fingertips. This time with a far greater consciousness and in a way that embedded what the course offered. This journey has continued with emphasis on linking all pieces of a puzzle, a piece that connects my creativity to the world of fragrance that I live and work in every day. 

I would like to take this time to thank The Fragrance Foundation UK for its dynamic and inspiring work. Giving us the opportunity to understand better the importance of scent and the memories and associations connected with fragrance for each and every one of us. Lastly but by no means least, thank you to Penhaligon's and Puig for putting me forward to participate."

Louise Wyatt - Penhaligon's

"I was excited to be given the opportunity to do the Fragrance Foundation Online Course. The course itself was beautifully presented and fresh, easy to navigate around and understand. I actually found the course quite addictive as the learning was so interesting, engaging and informative, it was hard to put down! I feel like I've invested in my career for the future. 

My favourite part of the course was learning about the history of fragrance and I was fascinated to learn about fragrance through the decades how particular fragrances came to be iconic. The descriptive language used in the section about raw ingredients was fantastic, it almost transported me away to another place so that I could really imagine how the ingredients smelt and also feel the textures. 

The course has provided me with many more skills and experttise and has enabled me to feel so much more confident when selling fragrance. To hear that I have been recognised as one of the top 'Consultants of The Year' is wonderful and such and honour. Thank you so much."

"I'm thrilled that yet again our team members are being recognised for their exceptional achievements in completing The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Course. 2021 will be the fifth year we have put our teams through this incredible course, which not only develops their broader knowledge of the fragrance world, but also supports their ability to create meaningful experiences so that we inspire human connection with our customers. Congratulations Nicola and Louise."
- Lance Patterson, Chief Executive Officer Penhaligon's