The Perfume Studio Collaborate with Absolute Radio!

The Perfume Studio Collaborate with Absolute Radio!

The UK’s specialist, bespoke fragrance company, The Perfume Studio has developed together with Absolute Radio the most fabulous bespoke fragrance for The Dave Berry Breakfast Show.

 Absolute Radio is one of the UK's three independent national radio stations, boasting a network of approximately 4.8 million listeners, with Dave Berry's show cited as the number one national commercial Breakfast Show with 2.2 million listeners growing 3.1% year on year. With this in mind it was time to take the show to the listeners in a different ‘sense’ quite literally.

 Absolute Radio put it to their 2.2million listeners to decide what The Dave Berry Breakfast Show would smell like. The suggestion came thick and fast with the final brief of Berries, Continental Breakfast, Barge Coal and White Musk rounded off with dose off AGG!!! See the mood board below.

 The Perfume Studio expert, Helen Janousek, visited the studio and together with the Breakfast team designed 3 short listed fragrances using their 21 unique blends, which can be experience at their nationwide fragrance experiences. 3 combinations were refined and provided to the team for a celebrity sniffer to select the final blend for the show.

 Blend 3 was the chosen fragrance from the 3 that were shortlisted. The Listeners were then put to the task of creating a name for the fragrance – the outcome was Breakfast No.3!

 The outcome was a Musky, Spicy, Woody, Gourmand and fruity with a refinement of Heady Floral and Tonic Sport included by Helen to complete the fragrance.

 Want to get your hands on a bottle?? Tune in weekdays from 6am on FM, Sky (channel 0107), Virgin Media (channel 915), Freeview (channel 727) and Freesat (channel 724) and online or through the Absolute Radio App to learn how you can get hold of the unique Breakfast No.3!

 ‘The brief was a challenge, in particular we loved how it was put together and would encourage anyone attending an experience to think about how they might build the story for their fragrance’ – Helen Janousek, Stylist and Events Director.

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