New research from The Fragrance Foundation UK and ad agency M&C Saatchi reveals that people are turning to fragrance as a way of improving their mood and creating a sense of normality during the Covid-19 crisis, with an 11% increase in conversations about personal fragrance on social media since the lockdown began.

According to the research, many social posts during lockdown have referenced the fact that perfume makes them feel more normal. Others have posted about putting on ‘nice perfume’ as a way of boosting their mood and even boosting productivity when working from home. Some have shared their amusement about the times they have chosen to wear fragrance, whether to take the dog for a walk or go to the supermarket.

The findings come as we launch our first ever campaign targeting a consumer audience, with the aim of bringing to life the complex relationships that people have with scent.  

Our CEO, Linda Key Jackson, said: “This research clearly demonstrates the huge role that fragrance plays in people’s lives, in good times and bad, as well as the power of scent to evoke familiar memories and emotions – all things we’re aiming to communicate with our new campaign. Partnering with M&C Saatchi, we’ve developed a series of ads which tells the human stories of fragrance. It really reinforces the complex craft and alchemy that go into every bottle of fragrance, as well as the powerful memories that a scent can evoke.”

The new campaign, called ‘Fragrance lasts’, aims to drive sales and refresh the way people think about scent, reinforcing perceptions of fragrance as a high value purchase.

Alongside M&C Saatchi, our intention was for the campaign to feel fresh and distinctive, with the objective of standing out from within its category in order to best represent it. The ads evoke the complex relationship people have with the scents they wear, as well as the highly specialised craft and fine ingredients that go into the creation of every fragrance.

Based on the insight that fragrances are strongly linked with memory, we were inspired by the key thought that every scent has a story - from how it’s made and who made it through to the way it makes a person feel, and the experiences they’ve had when wearing it.

A series of press ads carrying the line ‘Fragrance lasts’ feature stories of people’s memories of scent. Using a refined and distinctive typographic style, and evocative imagery, the ads aim to provoke similar responses to those we experience when smelling a familiar fragrance. The executions touch on memories and experiences including the loss of a loved one and the progression of a romance.

In a nod to the current Covid-19 crisis, one of the ads features socially distanced typography to tell a story of love interrupted by lockdown.

Ben Golik, Chief Creative Officer, M&C Saatchi said: “Fragrance takes you back and clearly a lot of people are keen to connect with life as it was before. Why not try your partner’s fragrance if you cannot be with them? Our campaign captures the romance of scent but doesn’t shy away from the full gamut of emotions that fragrance can evoke.”

The campaign invites consumers to share their own personal scent memories at

Look out for the ads in key consumer press and online titles including Cosmopolitan, Elle, Evening Standard, Fabulous, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler, The Sunday Times Style, Vanity Fair and Vogue. You can also view all of the ads in the gallery below.

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