The Fragrance Foundation Academy: How To Sell It!

The Fragrance Foundation Academy: How To Sell It!

On the 4th of April 2019, a cross section of experts ranging frosampling, advertising, packaging, marketing, PR anPOS gave short presentations about their expertise, top ten tips anpractical guides.
Attendees of How to Sell it gained a detailed insight into how to sell fragrance with selection of presentations from across the industry giving them new, creative ideas.
The course has been designed to be as engaging as possible and tencourage interactions between the speakers and the attendees.The course covered all the elements involved imarketing a fragrance and the complexities involved.

Presenters included:

Big Blue

NPD - An overview of the current fragrance market - what do you need to be aware of?

Sheridan & Co - The importance of P.O.S. at launch

Free The Birds - The importance of branding and advertising when launching a product

The Perfume Shop - How to cope with the challenges of modern day retail

ORCA - How to be successful in today's market

YSL Beauté - The importance of training and story telling

Chimera Recruitment - The importance of staffing

Harrods - Approaching a Fragrance Buyer

So Post

QVC - What they look for and success stories

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