Breakfast For Business: Digital PR for Success

Breakfast For Business: Digital PR for Success

Breakfast for pr: digital pr for success

On Thursday 6th June 2019 The Fragrance Foundation introduced our new initiative - Breakfast for Business! Kicking off the first of three sessions with Digital PR for Success, with the follow up workshops following the theme of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing how to’s.

 The launch workshop was sponsored by My Market Insight and focused on how to build successful Influencer Marketing Strategies. Including how to increase brand awareness and obtain a high ROI.  The workshop explored Influencer Marketing and the latest trends, looking into what is an effective Influencer Marketing Strategy, how do you as a brand chose and work with the right macro and micro influencers and How to successfully measure your campaign. 

"A good introductory insight into influencers and their role in Digital Marketing"

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