Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

Behind the Scenes in Fragrance


On Thursday 12th September 2019 The Fragrance Foundation hosted Behind The Scenes In Fragrance, which offered attendees a behind the scenes look into the world of fragrance and how they are created. Guests gained exclusive access to influential presenters, helping them consider how to approach their next successful launch, and learned a deeper understanding as to how the industry works. 

100% of the attendees of our previous session this year claimed that they had a better understanding and knowledge of the fragrance industry after attending the training! 

Presentations Included: 


Setting the scene of the present day fragrance industry and the state of the market.


From Perfume Brief to finished Fragrance.


Overview of who IFRA is and the challenges they can hold brands solve – the dangers within the industry.


Fragrance Evaluation 

Kingdom Scotland 

The very first Scottish fragrance house and Fragrance Foundation 2019 finalist, capturing the history and majestic landscapes of her home country in a portfolio of utterly contemporary fragrances.

Map of the Heart

Launched in the UK in 2019 with seven scent stories from our heart’s map, also a 2019 Fragrance Foundation Award Winner! 


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