Behind The Scenes In Fragrance

Behind The Scenes In Fragrance

Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

On Thursday 28th February 2019 The Fragrance Foundation hosted Behind The Scenes In Fragrance: A behind the scenes look into the world ofragrance and how they are created. Atendees gained exclusive access to influential presenters, helping them considehow to approach their next successful launch, and gained deeper understanding as to how the industry works.

100% of the attendees this year claimed that they had a better understanding and knowledge of the fragrance industry after attending the training! 

With presentations from...


Setting the scene of the fragrance industry today and the state of the market.


How does the fragrance house work, the importance of a good brief & the communication of the fragrance idea. Communication of Pricing, Timings, Feedback, Regulatory Requirements, Stability Testing, Selection Procedure. The importance of the fragrance brief. What is IFRA and what is its purpose within the fragrance industry?


Fragrance Evaluation: how it works, importance of the role and challenges faced. Interactive session with the opportunity to sample raw materials

Ruth Mastenbroek

Ruth Mastenbroek is a trained perfumer and former President of the British Society of Perfumers, who has created bespoke fragrances for some iconic global brands and businesses, as well as her own niche fragrance collection. Working with IFRA to ensure compliance within the fragrance industry in today's market.

Modernist Fragrance

Modernist Fragrance are a new perfume house founded by John Evans, who decided to switch careers from corporate finance into perfumery, producing high quality eau de parfum in small batches, designed in London and handmade in England.

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