An evening with... The Marketing Experts

An evening with... The Marketing Experts

An evening with… The Marketing Experts

On Wednesday 17th September, we were thrilled to host An evening with… The Marketing Experts at the fabulous venue of Channel 4. Matt Salmon, Head of Agency Sales & Commercial Marketing at Channel 4 interviewed Suzanne Cockerham (Aramis & Designer Fragrances), Dan Jalalpour (P&G Prestige) & Antny Rankin (L'Oreal Designer Fragrances).

As the event was being held at Channel 4 and hosted by Matt, it was only appropriate that the evening began with an age-old TV question: Strictly or X Factor?! The favourite of the entire panel was… Strictly!

Dan’s career in marketing began with female hair removal – working on Venus, another of P&G’s brands, whereas Antny started off in finance before being converted to the world of beauty by an Estee Lauder employee at a party.

The success these 3 have had is evident – but none of them are afraid to admit you can’t get it right every time. The secret behind their success? Focus on your strengths and admit where you need help – inspire your team and keep everyone involved.

A key point all 3 were keen to express is that you should always trust your gut & have faith in it. 

We would love to thank all our panel members for sharing their insight – a truly inspiring evening with some of the best in the field of marketing.

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