Mia Collins

General Merchandise Manger for Beauty, Harrods

Mia Collins

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry?‎

I was previously part of the Womenswear Buying team at Harrods, buying Contemporary Designer. I was offered the opportunity to move into Beauty and buy Perfumery + Cosmetics instead. Switching to Beauty was such an obvious choice for me (fusing commerce and creativity) and I have never looked back.


Top tips for entering the industry at any level

Get as much experience and knowledge as you can: I approach every avenue as a source of insight: stores, blogs, websites, magazines, social media, newspapers etc. Layer all of this on top of your passion for the category and you've got an unstoppable combination.


Why do you believe this is a destination industry?‎

Beauty is an incredibly nurturing industry and one that's a pleasure to work in, not least because it allows you to flex both business acumen and creativity.