Mark Christodoulou

District Manager, The Perfume Shop

Mark Christodoulou

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry?

From a young age I was always interested in fragrance so wanted to work in an area that I had a passion in.  I believe working with a product you love really does impact your engagement at work.

Top tips for entering the industry at any level?

My top tips are always to ask questions and keep engaged! Working in this industry there is always something new you can learn which helps you to grow and progress with whatever brand you are working with.

Why do you believe this is a destination industry?

The fragrance industry is consistently growing, not only in terms of the products and brand that are sold but also the customers’ requirements for products and services. At The Perfume Shop we are always looking at ways to support progression from within, my career has recently seen me take on a District Manager role.  It shows if you show enough passion the opportunities are there for you to take.