Levanah Reyes-McNally

Assistant PR Manager, Revlon

Levanah Reyes-McNally

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry?

I got into the fragrance industry via PR.


Top tips for entering the industry at any level?

I think PR is a great way to get into any kind of fragrance job as you are exposed to the perfumers who create the scents, marketers and brand team who execute the vision of the scent and the branding, and also as a PR you are the voice to the fragrance and help to shape how people first experience it – whether that is at an event, in a magazine article, or via a creative mailer.

Why do you believe this is a destination industry?

Fragrance is a destination industry because scent has transformative effects – it can transport you to a place, time or scenario and you can relive it in an instant thanks to olfactory memory. There are reasons why people have a signature scent, or remember their mothers perfume, or don’t like certain smells. Fragrances essential conjure up memories that have lasting impact, fragrance is everlasting.