Catherine Mitchell

Business Development Manager IFF

Catherine Mitchell

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry? 

I had a languages degree from Cambridge and was working in a graduate trainee scheme at a global textile company when I picked up the recently translated novel  “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind. This was a lightbulb moment. I immediately started exploring the fragrance industry, and in particular the fragrance suppliers,  and discovered that IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances Ltd) was advertising for a UK Account Manager.  I started working for IFF in April 1990, and have been there ever since.


Top tips for entering the industry at any level

Decide which part of the industry interests you most – for me it was the chance to work with perfumers and be part of fragrance creation, for others it might be research, manufacturing, marketing, PR, retail or regulatory.  Identify the companies which offer this role , find a contact person and send a letter and CV.  Contact The Fragrance Foundation for direction and advice.  Attend industry talks, make contacts, read up on the topics in the industry that interest you.


Why do you believe this is a destination industry?

The fragrance industry is a wonderful one.  It is an industry of the senses and emotions, creating fragrances  which impact and enhance every moment of the day, for different products for different target consumer groups in different countries across the globe.  No two days are the same. And the people are wonderful!