Anna Borrett

Buyer Ashleigh & Burwood

Anna Borrett

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry? 

After studying Textile Design at university I started my career at BHS as a Buyers Admin Assistant on Home Accessories, where I soon discovered a love for home  fragrance and realised that it was a pretty special industry to be part of. As the Fragrance buyer for The White Company I continued to learn about candles, diffusers, toiletries and all things fragrant before joining the Ashleigh and Burwood team to head up Product Development.


Top tips for entering the industry at any level 

Talk to your friends and family about what they do – there’s so many jobs and hidden layers to industries like fragrance. Get work experience and find out how jobs and roles work in the real world and what suits you and what you’re passionate about. You can’t instil passion in somebody, but if you have passion in what you do then it will drive you to achieve excellence.


Why do you believe this is a destination industry? 

The fragrance industry is such a creative and rewarding environment to work in. From selecting and choosing the perfect fragrance for the next season to discovering new decoration techniques for our candle vessels, the best moments in my job are seeing something that you know you can turn into something great.