Alexis Vaganay

Chief Commercial Officer Coty

Alexis Vaganay

How did you get in to the Fragrance Industry?

I joined Coty in the Summer of 2016 having responsibility for an amazing portfolio of globally desired and award winning brands, and I believe this was possible due to my commitment to lead with an entrepreneurial, ‘start up’ mind set and a passion to contribute to the company’s purpose of liberating & celebrating beauty. I was also proud to be part of a business which is globally number 1 in fragrance and I am excited about future possibilities where we can ‘step up’ to engage and delight on the fragrance category, taking the ‘experience’ to the next level.

 Top tips for entering the industry at any level:

You need to demonstrate a real enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for the fragrance industry, keeping abreast of current developments and trends and being innovative in your thinking. The world of (premium) fragrance is constantly evolving and changing so agility and flexibility are key as is a good understanding of digital technology and all the opportunities it can bring. You need to get close to the different consumers - at Coty we encourage all our employees to spend time on the shop floor especially at busy selling periods 

Have a passion for the industry and a love of what you do. Work hard!


Why do you believe this is a destination industry?

Whenever you tell anyone the industry you work in it sounds so glamorous and exciting; we really are very lucky to work on such amazing brands and products with such a special group of people.