Linda Taylor

Vice Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation

Linda Taylor

Born in Scotland, Linda’s passion for the beauty industry was ignited with her very first job as a graduate trainee in Lewis’s Glasgow, part of the old Sears group. She joined KGA in 1995 and became Sales Director in 2000 before being promoted to Managing Director in 2007.

As Managing Director Linda works collaboratively with Kenneth and the other directors to drive the business and run the company from a day to day perspective. This encompasses working to ensure KGA is fully representing every brand to its best advantage, adhering to each brand’s guidelines and strategy whilst ensuring the company maximises its potential in the UK.  From a sales perspective Linda works on strategy, top line negotiation, turnover and sales targets. Linda is also passionate about mentoring and guiding young people within the business.

When she’s not working, she visits family in Scotland and enjoys travel, house renovation projects and long walks with her dog Lucy whom, she adds, is also a member of the KGA family and comes to work with Linda every day

Why are you involved with The Fragrance Foundation UK?

I am involved in the Fragrance Foundation because I fully support its mission to educate, promote and ultimately drive sales of Fragrance within the UK.

Fragrance is a business generating £1.25bn of retail sales as per NPD, this is an outstanding turnover which year on year brings growth and in my opinion has an opportunity for potential greater growth working with the retailers and the suppliers to educate and further entice the consumer into the category.

Why do you love Fragrance?

I’m a girl, of course I love Fragrance, its inherent. I don’t feel fully dressed without it and would rarely go a day without having to indulge myself. I also love working in the category, it’s exciting, surprising and ever changing.

What is your Scent Memory?

My first scent memory was ‘4711’, I received the scented wipes from my mum and kept the papers long after they had dried up, I loved the freshness of this fragrance. I then loved Charlie before progressing to ‘Must de Cartier’; the fragrance that particularly brings back happy memories for me; I love the sweetness and the warmth of this fragrance, it’s like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket…