Sarah McCartney


Sarah McCartney



Growing up, Sarah did not make perfumes but created magic spells. She wanted to be a witch when she grew up! Aged 16 she bought her first bottle of Diorella.


For 14 years she was the head writer for Lush, within this time the company grew from 4 to 700 stores worldwide. Whilst writing 50,000 words every 3 months for the Lush Times she bought and read 200 books on essential oils and herbalism and learned the essential oils the founders gave her to educate herself and be able to encapsulate fully the products’ scents in their descriptions.


After this, Sarah took a break to write a novel featuring a perfume-solving perfumer. She wanted to make the scents available to smell. Finding them turned out to be almost impossible, and very expensive. So a new challenge was born: making them herself. And so 4160Tuesdays was born.


Sarah was shortlisted twice at The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2016 for Best New Independent Fragrance.