Sarah Ireland


Sarah Ireland


Sarah Ireland envisaged a luxury fragrance brand but with personal touches. Inspired by classical beauty, she draws on her love of literature, musical upbringing, as well as people, travel, seasons and, of course, emotions. The scientific element of perfumery appealed to her inquisitive side, the story telling appealed to her love of literature, and the utter freedom of expression to create something brand new was thrilling.

“The ethos that we carry with us at all times is one of simple elegance. So many of the ingredients are stunningly beautiful on their own but it is up to us to enhance them. That is why we use quality materials from all over the world and hand make each perfume. From the original concept, through many different variations, and eventually to putting the completed bottle in the box, each creation has hours of love, passion and dedication within it.”

Sarah Ireland Perfumes launched in June 2018 with a collection of four fragrances each one telling its own story of escapism.