Pierre-Constantin Guéros


Pierre-Constantin Guéros


“Be fearless, be ready to live new experience“

As a perfumer, he had the chance to work in Munich, New York City, Paris and Dubai and each of these experiences changed him deeply. Its first olfactive impressions and souvenirs date back to his childhood in his father’s atelier, who was at that time a fashion designer. The incredible leathers and furs, he used in his atelier will later inspire him rich textural fragrances.

Settled today in Dubai and working for Middle Eastern clients he is living a fulfilling experience. Indeed Perfume, in that part of the world, is present in people’s everyday life and customs.
In search of constant balance and harmony, aside his hectic and exciting professional life, Pierre Constantin Gueros likes enjoying life : a rice pudding, a tagine, sweet peas and peonies, a snowing day, a night in the desert, a white coffee in Beirut or a night along the Seine!

Creations include Oud Couture from Carolina Herrera, Poise Noire from Yardley London, To Be The King from Police & Red Power Intense from Ferrari.