Maurice Roucel


Maurice Roucel



“Live life and don’t look back!“

Master perfumer at Symrise, Maurice Roucel is considered as one of the best perfumers of his time: a genuine Artist.
Since his start at Chanel at the age of 23, Maurice Roucel has worked for the most prestigious Fragrance Houses (IFF, Quest, Dragoco) and has created some of the most legendary perfumes.

Humble, hard worker, Maurice impresses by his iconoclast personality. Self-made man, curious and inspired, he demonstrates a fearless attitude, as his motto said “live life and don’t look back”. His vision is re ected in both his route in life and his world of creation. Maurice was born in Normandy where he grew up until the age of 5, a region that has no connection (contrary to Provence) with the world of Perfumery.
In a way, he was not predestinated to become a Perfumer. He kept from his childhood strong olfactive experiences like the smells of French fry booths at the seaside and the unforgettable blend of rose and jasmine of "Ambre Solaire", a popular tan oil anchored in the french olfactive culture since the first paid holidays.

Creations include Be Delicious from Donna Karen, Envy from Gucci, Indulgence & L’Instant from Guerlain & Hypnose Homme from Lancôme