Marina Barcenilla


Marina Barcenilla



On 6th June 2011 Marina Barcenilla launched The Perfume Garden, a small start-up business based in Glastonbury, with six oil-based perfumes. Alongside a selection of body oils, bath salts and sugar scrubs, which were originally blended to order, she saw her passion turn into an industry recognised "fragrance house".

In 2016 Marina won the coveted FiFi Award for Best New Independent Fragrance with India and it prompted her to take the next step on her journey, The Perfume Garden became Marina Barcenilla Parfums.

While the name has changed the ethos remains the same... "to create the finest fragrances using what nature has to offer".

Marina's decision to use only nature-derived ingredients in fragrances which carry the Marina Barcenilla Parfums name stems from a love of the complexity of natural aromas.

Born in Spain she remembers being intrigued by the aromatic notes in the Herbissimo fragrances, and she says that is where her love of natural ingredients came from. She has always been interested in scent and so when the chance came to branch out from her aromatherapy roots into the world of perfume she accepted the challenge.

Using ingredients as building blocks for fragrance instead of for their therapeutic qualities came easy to her, and it didn't take long before she began to create bespoke fragrances for customers who had heard of her through word of mouth.

Marina finds beautiful complexity within naturals, which are almost like a perfume in themselves, and her aim is to help people to “rediscover the soul of perfume”.