Julien Rasquinet


Julien Rasquinet

Julien Rasquinet realized quite late, and thanks to the intuition of the famous perfumer Pierre Bourdon, that he was destined to create perfumes. Since a very early age, Julien found in creative arts a way of communicating his feelings and thoughts. He loved to paint, to draw, to design and create costumes for theater and puppets. But it was only after graduating from business school that he discovered what would become his passion and profession.

Pierre instinctively discerned Julien's potential to become a perfumer and became his mentor. During this intensive 3 year period of training, Pierre shared his creation philosophy, techniques and passion. He also worked for 2 years which Hermès' in house perfume Christine Nagel, and has since been creating independently for various international brands. 

Julien’s inspiration always comes from an encounter; whether it is a person, a song, a sentence in a book, or a place. From those encounters Julien extracts sensations -such as textures, colors, raw materials- that will become the base of the story he has been creating in his mind. “I always take notes when I am inspired by something, just like an author taking notes on from his everyday life in order to use them in his next script” he declares. “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea I just dreamed about. When this happens, I feel like rushing to the lab and creating it right away!”

Julien has worked for IFF since 2014 and has most recently been the perfumer for Elegantes London.