Jacque Polge


Jacque Polge



“A brand only shows it's alive by creating new product. But we don't want to create too many new things because often new fragrances replace the old ones. We want our fragrances to complement each other, and to last. When we create something, we're always looking to the long term, we never do anything just for the short term.”


Jacques Polge is a French perfumer, best known for his role as Head Perfumer at Les Parfums Chanel from 1978 to 2015. Jacques Polge grew up near Avignon, France, where he says he was inspired as a child by the scent of air in the surroundings of Grasse, which was redolent with the scent of jasmine. Polge took a degree in English and literature before beginning an apprenticeship in perfume in Grasse, after which he went to work for Roure (now Givaudan).


In 2013, Chanel announced that Polge would retire, and would be succeeded by his son, Olivier Polge.