Francois Demanchy


Francois Demanchy



"My role is to enhance all these wonderful materials. At Dior, their quality is constant: that is our signature." François Demachy


François Demanchy grew up in Grasse – which is often referred to as the world’s perfume capital. He fondly remembers "the mimosa-covered hills, the Bataille des Fleurs parade and fields of jasmine and roses in the early morning". It was during these early years that François learnt about the raw materials and alchemical mysteries of perfume – his father ran a pharmacy there and launched his own eau de cologne – Eau de Grasse Impériale. Master Perfumer Edmond Roudniska (creator of Diorissimo & Eau Sauvage) was a customer of Demanchy’s father & close friend of Christian Dior.


Demanchy completed several internships before starting his first job at Charabot in 1971 where he spent 5 years before becoming Director of Research & Development at Chanel.


He moved to Dior as Perfumer-Creator and has been there since 2006, François Demachy embodies the expertise and great creativity of Dior perfumes. In the land of flowers, he developed an unconditional love of fine materials, the secret of wonderful perfumes. The guarantor of Dior's olfactory expertise, François Demachy has privileged relationships with the producers who supply the Maison. These exceptional ingredients form the signature of his creations. An art lover and refined aesthete, François Demachy perpetuates the heritage of Christian Dior with rigor and creativity.