Evelyn Boulanger


Evelyn Boulanger


“There is no creativity without fun“

As a mother, Evelyne likes to share intimate moments with her close friends and family. Among her favorite pastime is to spend weekends in the countryside with her close friends.
While she loves being around her family and friends, she also enjoys spending time on her own, deep-sea diving, and exploring nature. Her approach to perfumery is to experiment with olfactive compositions that blend luminosity and richness. Evelyne enjoys playing with olfactory contrasts, for example combining crisp, vibrant notes with sensual woody softness. She also likes to explore new olfactive sensations, such as the smell of sea anemones of deep-sea beds.

She would like to create chypre fragrance that is more transparent, pure and luminous, in which the moss notes would not overpower the composition.

Creations include Oud Royal from Armani Privé, Rêve from Van Cleef & Arpels, Patchouli Patch from L’Artisan Parfumeur & Deci-Dela from Nina Ricci.