Azzi Glasser


Azzi Glasser



'Perfume is like a love affair, you explore, try, but when you find the right one you become utterly loyal.' - Azzi Glasser


Azzi is a British perfume designer. She was born in North London and spent her early years in India. She launched her career in perfumery when she joined CPL Aromas in 1991 before forming her own companies.


In 2000, she co-founded Agent Provocateur Parfums with Joseph Corre & Serena Rees. This was Glasser’s first retail perfume ‘Agent Provocateur’ which won a Fragrance Foundation Award in 2001 for Best New Female Fragrance in Limited Distribution.


In 2001, Glasser went on to create Family Three – a company specializing in creating groundbreaking fragrances for top fashion designers, beauty brands, Hollywood actors, musicians and artists. Her portfolio includes Helena Bonham Carter, Jude Law, Kylie Minogue, Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp. She has also worked on bespoke scents for hotels such as The Chiltern Firehouse.


In 2015, Azzi launched ‘The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi’ – her first collection of 11 fragrances with Harvey Nicholls. This was the first time she had made her fragrances, many from her iconic client portfolio, available.


Glasser has made bespoke perfumes for celebrities for many years, and this service can now be reached by a wider audience. Consultations for the tailor-made fragrances take place within Azzi’s fragrance studio at her private residence. Azzi's unique approach is to capture the client’s character personality and style in the fragrance. She then composes an exclusive perfume for them using handpicked rare ingredients from around the world like a DNA print.