Aliénor Massenet


Aliénor Massenet


“I always try to surprise myself, that way I am more inventive“

Trained in olfaction and raw materials by Monique Schlinger (Cinquieme Sens) whose sensitivity and sense of passion she very much admires, she signed up to do an MBA in Paris with a part time basis at Florasynth, Aliénor joined IFF New York in 1995. She originally set out to stay six months but nally stayed six years, the time to perfect her technique and be given her rst major project: Intuition for man by Estee Lauder. Then she came back at IFF Paris for 12 years and nally joined Symrise in 2016.

Extremely independent and a bit of a rebel, Aliénor has found her ideal mode of expression in perfumes. She was trained by three of the greatest master perfumers of our times. Her technical mastery let her play on various notes to sublimate her creations to the tastes of each market, from Brazil to the United States, from Sweden to Spain, from Russia to the United Arab Emirates. Aliénor’s creations have been rewarded three times by the Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Aliénor also serves in hospitals sharing her passion for olfactory science and helping sick or disabled children discover new cognitive horizons.

Creations include Only the Brave from Diesel, Homme Wild from Joop, Tresor in Love from Lancôme & Illicit Flower from Jimmy Choo.