Alexandra Carlin


Alexandra Carlin


“I want to experience everything, see, smell, listen or taste...“

Fascinated by the power of words, Alexandra has always been attracted to the world of literature. Often inspired by places and atmospheres described in books, she likes to translate them through her compositions. She has natural artistic sensitivity and appreciates all forms of self-expression through movement such as horseback riding and dance, especially Indian dance which she practices.

Perfumery revealed itself as a vocation and as a way to tell stories when she was 18 years old. Determined to find fulfillment as a perfumer, she entered the International Institute of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Aromas (ISIPCA) in Versailles in 2002 and joined Symrise as Junior Perfumer in 2007.

Creations include Immortelle Tribal from L’Atelier Givenchy, Red Power from Ferrari, Honour from Amouage & 8 Every Moment from Abercrombie & Fitch.