Marketing Jobs

Marketing JObs - The art behind concept to creative

Marketing Director

Will lead and develop the marketing team, look at strategy and innovation to drive both short and long term growth and profit. They look at the 3-5 year plan, product and brand forecasts and development to help steer the company to future growth.

Product/Brand Manager

Responsible for planning and developing the marketing strategy. They work with various company departments including product development, market research, sales, advertising and public relations and typically report to the marketing director.

Advertising Manager

Manages the external agencies or creates ideas, copy and visuals in house for adverts and social media to promote the product.

Digital Media Manager

Manage all digital media and web sites, SEO, PPC, the user journey through the web site to ensure their products and brands are easy to buy.

Event Manager

An Event Manager will organise events in store, at exhibitions, pop ups or special functions.

Product and Packaging Designer

Works on product and pack design as well as marketing material on line and in store, also corporate branding. They work on label and print design as well as bottles shapes, textures, outer packaging, marketing, point of sale, advertising and gift with purchase products.

Public Relations

Build awareness and interest, acting as a spokesperson who manages the flow of information to the public internally for the company. They sell the ideas to the bloggers and ensure coverage in the media and manage any critical publicity.

Social Media Manager

Manages all the social media sites and campaigns, working closely with PR and sometimes doing both roles, twitter, blogs, FB, instagram, youtube to ensure the brands and products get maximum exposure.

Marketing Assistant - Find Out More

Supports the marketing team in all areas - Product, Price, Place, Promotion. The work can involve the NPD and Marcoms, looking at competitors, trend analysis and project management.


Places products in store or decides what goes where on a planogram for each store to ensure the best selection and sales of all products and promotions.

Marketing Researcher

Analyse sales and information and run consumer tests and trials to ensure NPD is focused on what the consumer wants with the product purchases, They will monitor and research global trends and innovation.

Marketing Analyst

Crunches the sales numbers to work our strategy, what is selling where, what promotions are working and why they help to analyse the best strategy moving forward to sell more products.

New Product Development Manager

Source new innovative ingredients, packaging ideas etc to add to the range. They look at competitors and do trend analysis In order to project manage concept to shelf for the new product.