Management and Finance

Managing Director

Ensure all areas of the business are working efficiently and drive the business forward, looking at current, short and long term plans to deliver success for their product.

Personal Assistant

PAs work closely with senior managers to help them juggle their workload, free up their time, manage diaries, processes and systems and also personal commitments.

HR Manager

Recruit, train & motivate the workforce, they are responsible for the welfare of the staff and also deal with redundancies and terminating employment.


Manages the financial ins and outs within a business, recording all entries and making sure a healthy cash flow is maintained. They look at cost of goods and ensures all products are financially viable.


Manages the financial responsibility of a business, plans, strategises and helps the business build growth. They work with all departments, the MD or CEO to help them plan, budget and manage their budgets and actual expenses, for the manufacturing and supply of product, they help with overall financially related business decisions to ensure the business is profitable.