Fragrance Expert Training

The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training for Temporary staffING AGENCIES

The course focuses on ways to use this information to educate and assist customers and clients- helping them to discover their ideal fragrance and by doing so offering a true customer service experience within a defined selling skills method that leads to a purchase. This course has been designed to reflect the current UK market, making it completely relevant and essential to anyone selling fragrance. 

 This course has been devised for Temporary Staffing Agencies, to ensure that everyone selling fragrance in store is an expert - providing a true customer service experience.
With accreditation on this programme, you will have the opportunity to take your career forward in an industry renowned for its high standards of professionalism, as well as for product quality and performance.
This course is split into modular content, making the information easy to take on board and understand.

What does it cover?

  • The sense of smell
  • How Fragrances are made
  • Ingredient Facets
  • Fragrance Families
  • Selling Skills
Members £75 + Vat & Non- Members £112.50 + Vat
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The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training: Fragrance Expert

Want to become more confident in your fragrance selling?

Sign up to this short course for temporary staff to broaden your knowledge of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store.

What are the benefits to you and your customer?

  • Confidence in selling
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Increased sales
  • Recognition from the industry

Who is using this course?

Artisan People, Chimera Recruitment, FLAIR, Fortem & Mode.


"The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training for Temporary Staff is a phenomenal tool for our company to ensure all our team members that work across the fragrance industry, have the inside knowledge to understand the inner workings of a perfume. Not only does this provide our team with the necessary information to understand how a fragrance is structured but it also gives them confidence on the shop floor when working with many different fragrance brands. This confidence then resonates to the customer, which in turn gives the customer confidence in trusting our fragrance experts advice, forming strong relationships and returning business. It is a necessity to truly understand the product in which you are promoting and the Fragrance Foundation online training course provides this essential understanding."

Daniel Horner,Director of Recruitment & Training at Chimera Recruitment