Fragrance Development

Fragrance Development - Ensuring the bottle can move from laboratory to factory


Specialises in the ways chemicals affect the body and skin, toxicologists perform controlled experiments and run a variety of tests to ensure cosmetic products are safe for the consumer to use.

Regulatory Chemist

Specialises in regulatory, compliance and legislative issues to make sure the product is compliant to all global markets. They produce Product Information Files and list products on the CPNP, Cosmetic Product Notification Portal and ensures the products meet cosmetic regulations in all the markets where they will be sold.

Patent Chemist

Will ensure a formulation or manufacturing process is unique and will out a patent on it so no one else can copy it. They will also try to prove other companies formulations aren't unique and take their patent title away so they can use similar formulations or processes.

Quality Assurance Manager

An experienced senior chemist who takes overall responsibility for the finished product, if anything goes wrong it falls on their head, they are legally responsible and can be sued.

Technical Manager

Manages, motivates and trains the team in the laboratory, selects raw materials, interacts with clients and suppliers to create an innovative and effective product. They manage all existing products and all current and future product development to drive the business forward.

Process/Production Chemist

Take the formulations from the laboratory into manufacturing and filling. They liaise with the laboratory and manufacturing to ensure as the batch size increases the manufacturing procedures are adjusted correctly to ensure stability.

R&D Project Manager

Takes the project from concept to production, ensuring all research, development and production is fit for purpose. They liaise with many different departments within the business to ensure products are ready on time and in full.

Technical Sales

Sells the raw materials, chemicals and actives to the brands and contract manufacturers. Often from a scientific or chemist background they sell to the technical teams and buyers.