Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press


On Tuesday 4th of February 2020 The Fragrance Foundation are thrilled to host our first event of 2020 at the Hamyard Hotel London; Hot off the Press - a Fragrance Foundation Breakfast Briefing providing insight into trends and opportunities within the Fragrance Market, covering sales, press & online marketing.

With 4 insightful presentations confirmed from, Evening Standard, Google, My Market Insight, NPD and Profusion.

Evening Standard Life 2.0: Building on the knowledge that consumers are valuing experience over traditional measures of success, the Life 2.0 project looks at a new consumer segment, The Optimisers. Making the most of their busy lifestyles, The Optimisers are prepared to spend their money on products and services that free up their time on their quest for their personal Life 2.0, giving multiple implications for brands along the optimising journey. A new mind-set, a new definition of aspiration and a desire for brands to help them achieve makes The Optimisers a rich ground for advertisers. 

Google: Google will share the latest fragrance consumer trends, diving deeper into the world of gifting and search seasonality. In addition they will share learnings on how brands can use signals to connect with their audience and build stories for attention. 

My Market Insight: My Market Insight are the Beauty Industry leaders for global data and insights on Media and eCommerce. They will give a 2019 Media overview and highlight the shift between traditional and digital media and provide analysis on Christmas activation campaigns.

NPD: In a world with rapidly changing products and distribution models, it’s never been more important to know what is selling, where, why, and for how much. Since 1996, the prestige beauty industry has relied on our in- sights and solutions to address the emerging trends, needs, and behaviours of the next generation of beauty consumers. We monitor beauty industry trends across North America and Europe – from the “big picture” down to the category, geographic region, and store levels. We can even help you look for opportunities and evaluate pricing strategies.

Profusion: The Ultimate Customer Segmentation and the Power of Prediction: Data Science has opened up opportunities we never had before. With products so personal, traditional segmentation of customers (age, gender, demographic) can be inadequate for understanding preferences. Using machine learning and AI to connect preferences to personalities is letting companies segment customers in never before seen ways and make more effective product predictions.

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