An evening with… The Editors

An evening with… The Editors

An evening with... The Editors

On Wednesday 26th November, we were thrilled to host our final 'An Evening With' event of 2014 at The Ham Yard Hotel: An evening with... The Editors.

We had a truly exceptional panel interviewed by Chris Good, President of Estée Lauder Companies UK & Ireland and Vice Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation. The panel consisted of Jane Bruton, Editor in Chief of Grazia Magazine, Jo Elvin, Editor of Glamour Magazine, Trish Halpin, Editor in Chief of Marie Claire & Toby Wiseman, Editor of Men's Health.

It was a worrying start to the interview when Chris posed his first question: which football team do you support? To most people in the audience it is common knowledge that Chris is a huge Arsenal fan, and so Toby's answer of Manchester United didn't go down all to well... This went from bad to worse when Trish announced she had been brought up supporting Tottenham Hotspur and Jo is not a fan! It seemed that Jane was the only one destined to get on with Chris. Luckily things picked up after this initial bad start!

Chris was keen to find out where the panel found their inspiration. At Grazia they have a News Conference every morning, and for Jane this is an ideal way of gaining 'in the moment' inspiration. Jo's mum is her key source of inspiration, along with Madonna! Madonna decided what she wanted, and achieved it. Trish’s inspiration has come from editors she has worked for in the past, and women (hence the Women at the Top Awards). Toby then attempted to get back in Chris' good side by claiming that Arsène Wenger was his inspiration! This claim wasn't a complete farce as for Toby, anyone who has achieved longevity within their career is an inspiration; the ability to adapt and change with time.

All four of our panel expressed how much they love magazines; the excitement they used to get from waiting for their favourite magazine to come out. Jo believes this magic has not disappeared, as every week when Girl Talk comes out her daughter is straight to the shop.

The print vs. digital debate was discussed and agreed by all that all means of communication with the reader have their place; the reader uses each means of communication for different uses. It was agreed that print is still seen as the most authentic mode of communication.

With four individuals who have all has such inspiration and brilliant careers, Chris was keen to discover what they would deem to be their proudest moment. Jane had always wanted to be involved in a launch, so successfully launching Grazia had to be hers and for Trish it was having the opportunity to work on the 25th anniversary edition of Marie Claire. Toby recently won BSME Editor of the Year, and subsequently the next day all of his team wrote him a letter of congratulations. He said this really meant a lot, as this showed he had achieved one of the most important skills for an editor - people management. Jo found this question a difficult one, but moving to England with just £300 and making something of it has to be one of her biggest achievements, and Glamour undoubtedly changed her life.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing panel & Chris for giving us all such an entertaining and insightful evening. Our thanks also go to Estée Lauder Companies for the goody bags and OnlyRoses for the beautiful bouquets.

Find more photos from this prestigious event here.

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