Different Forms of Fragrance

For Her 


The strongest, longest-lasting fragrance form. Like lipstick, blusher or eye make-up, it provides the intensity, the emphasis. Apply at all the pulse points . . . wherever one feels the beat of the heart behind the ears, the nape of the neck, at the base of the throat, at the bosom, the inside bend of the elbows, at the inside of the wrists, behind the knees, at the inside of the ankles. (Fragrance rises, and properly applied will heighten the application.) The heat of the body at these points will assure a well-balanced fragrance application.


One of the newest forms of fragrances to be found in many of the fine fragrance collections, it assures a long-lasting concentrated application and prepares the skin for the perfume application. It should be smoothed or sprayed just before dressing, all over the body from the feet up.


Usually less concentrated than Eau de Parfum, it also provides the foundation for your perfume application and should be applied in exactly the same way as Eau de Parfum.


The lightest form of fragrance. Perfect for splashing liberally all over the body. It is the perfect refreshant. It does not provide a longer lasting fragrance application.

For Him 


Several fragrance lines for men include this most concentrated form of fragrance. Meant to be applied sparingly to the pulse points, it will provide a long-lasting application.


Men's cologne is usually the most concentrated and lasting form of fragrance, blending natural essential oils, aroma molecules and fixatives. Like perfume, a fine cologne may contain several hundred different ingredients. Since fragrance rises, it should be splashed or sprayed on the body from the feet up.


Next in strength to cologne, it is also made of perfume oils in a hydro-alcoholic solution. Created to be applied to the face, there are two forms of After Shave Lotions — one features cooling astringent qualities to heal small nicks and cuts. The other, a relatively new development in After Shave Lotions, incorporates ingredients which moisturize and smooth the skin. The scent is formulated to perform for a short time.