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The Fragrance Foundation Online Training  

The Fragrance Foundation Online Training Programme is designed to broaden knowledge of all aspects of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store. Look out for our trained specialists wearing their Fragrance Foundation Pin in store.

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In retail terms, this course will positively impact your sales and increase your success and performance in this unique and exciting industry.

The course focuses on ways to use this information to educate and assist you and your customers – helping to discover ideal fragrances and additional  products, and by doing so offering a true customer service experience within a defined selling skills method that leads to a purchase.

The course has been designed to reflect the current UK market, making it completely relevant and essential to anyone selling fragrance.

By completing the course you will be expanding your expertise and enhancing your career growth potential whether that is on the sales floor direct with a consumer or in any other area of the fragrance world

The course is perfect for people all over the country as it can be accessed from any place and we estimate around 15 hours of study across the 2 month period.

By completing the course you will be expanding your expertise and enhancing your career growth potential whether that is on the sales floor direct with a consumer or in any other area of the fragrance world.

Who’s using this course?


Debenhams,, Fenwick, House of Fraser, The Fragrance Shop, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop.


Aspects Beauty, Clarins, Coty Luxury, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Kenneth Green Associates, L’Oréal Designer Fragrances, Louis Vuitton, Molton Brown, Penhaligon's, Puig, Roja Parfums, Shiseido, TALK.GLOBAL, The Orange Square Company, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


“Absolutely loved the course; thank you for allowing me to take part! I really enjoyed it. It was a fantastic course and gave me a fresh insight into the amazing world of fragrance!”

“I am loving The Fragrance Foundation course! The layout is beautiful and the language used is very concise and informative.”

“I'm really enjoying the course and learning so much. It's really well structured and easy to take on the information.”

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the course; I’ve completed it and have been putting the selling skills to good use in store."

Consultants all across the country are participating in this exciting new course and we look forward to welcoming you!

£195 + VAT for Members, £390 + VAT for Non-Members 

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Introducing our Consultants of the Year 2017!

The Fragrance Foundation would like to congratulate the three highest scores of the Online Training Programme in 2017!  All three delegates scored 99% on the Specialist Exam and a superb 100% on the Honours Exam. Find out what they had to say about their experience... 

Anne Quaife-O’Donnell - Penhaligon's

“The Fragrance Foundation Online Training Programme challenged me to expand my knowledge of fragrance in the UK market and to use this knowledge in my daily selling experience in order to engage each customer in a relaxed partnership based on sharing memorable stories about fragrances.  The new knowledge and confidence gained on the course has given me the opportunity to help customers redefine their fragrance profile by finding a fragrance or a family of fragrances to meet their needs. Thanks to the course, my partnership with customers has become not only about sharing fragrant stories but also about shared empowerment and trust. 
The Fragrance Foundation Online Training Programme has boosted my career and now, as a Fragrance Sommelier, I am able to help train the next generation of fragrance consultants at Penhaligon’s to engage in tests of collegiality and commerce in a highly competitive market as we strive to create new ways to interpret elegance for each individual customer. 
Winning this recognition for my achievement is wonderful and I am grateful to the The Fragrance Foundation and also mindful of my colleagues at Penhaligon’s who have been such an inspiration to me during the last 30 years.” 

Sophie Sykes - The Perfume Shop

“I was so happy when I found out that The Fragrance Foundation had invited me to their awards - it’s lovely to be  recognised for the hard work that I put into the course!  When first starting out on the online course, I was apprehensive about the whole thing - That was until I went to the taster day. The taster day explained all about what the course involved, the modules, exam, Honours and had really good little activities to make us feel more at ease with what we would be doing. 
Coming away from the taster day, I was really motivated to work hard and score well on the exam and then go on to Honours. The modular content covered areas from history of perfumes, perfume categories and even selling techniques so has been a good tool to use within the team to pass on this information. I was so happy (and relieved!!) when I saw that I had passed the exam and had a chance to do the Honours exam and then so proud of achieving full marks on the Honours! 
To receive phone calls from my Regional Manager Nat French and my Area Manager Denise Bentley to let me know that I was one of the three highest scoring, not only in the company but in the industry was unbelievable! To hear how proud they were of the achievement and how excited they were for me to be invited to the awards was really rewarding and meant a lot. Now The Fragrance Foundation Awards are nearing, I’m getting so excited hearing more details of the event but now I’m worrying about what perfume to wear on the night!” 

leanne sharp - the perfume shop

“I cannot believe I have being invited to The Fragrance Foundation Awards! I was so excited when I saw the email go out from Gill and the phone calls I got from My Regional Manager Nat and Area Manager Denise to congratulate and let me know I was among 1 of 3 who scored the highest in the industry! It’s being overwhelming. Now to find a dress! 
The Fragrance Foundation was such an interesting thing to be involved in and really opened my eyes to the industry we work in. I think it’s an amazing opportunity that The Perfume Shop and The Fragrance Foundation offer to all our staff and I would definitely recommend everyone to take part. 
There was support throughout the whole journey, starting with the launch day in Birmingham, which had us questioning our sense of smell and how each and every one of us perceive it so differently. The launch day itself was so informative and it was nice to meet the people that were doing the course at the same time for that extra support. 
I was nervous to learn and the thought of doing an exam again was terrifying but after launch day I was so eager to get on with  it and learn more. The online course was split up into sections that were informative and easy to take in and really interesting right through from the history to the selling skills (which has helped in store). I then did the exam and got the opportunity to do the Honours. It was such a proud moment seeing the pass screens and then getting my badge and certificate, it really celebrates your achievements. I enjoyed every moment of being involved and a big thank you to The Perfume Shop for allowing me to take part.”