Vince Camuto Fragrance Launch

Vince Camuto Fragrance Launch

Last night, Maddi and Christie were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Vince Camuto's new fragrances.

Arriving at Camuto's High Street Kensington store, they were delighted to find a bright pink carpet, photographer and 2 very handsome young men offering a selection of cocktails on entry. The bright lights and clean decor complemented the stunning, fresh and distinctive fragrances that wafted through the room.

After being greeted by the lovely ladies at SAS, they were introduced to one of Vince Camuto's fragrance specialists for an introduction to each perfume. The design of the bottles were beautiful, and the weighty lids and delicate engravings screamed quality and refinement. The first scent was Bella. It instantly transported them to a light mediterranian field, the citrussy notes of nectarine and bergamot very obvious top notes. This was Maddi's favourite as it was so reminiscent of sunshine and holidays. Next was Amoré, and as the name suggests, it was oozing with romantic connotations. The earthy sandalwood perfectly balanced with the sweet fruity tones proved to be Christie's favourite of the evening. The final womens fragrance was Fiori, a delightful floral scent inspired by dewy freesia's and set off with a hint of pink grapefruit. The girls both agreed it was perfect daywear perfume for that casual lunch with friends.

After browsing the canapé selection a little and flicking through a gorgeous book filled with Camuto's designs, they moved on to the men's fragrances. The mens bottles were just as beautiful as the womens, wrapped in coloured leather with heavy, gleaming metal. The first scent was Solare. To smell a men's cologne that was so refereshingly different to the latest trends really struck a chord, and after taking some samples back to the office, Linda agreed it was a keeper! The light mandarin combined with sensual musk and spicy cardamom was just delicious! Moving on, the Homme cologne stunned them as well. The subtltey of lavander enduced a comforting feel with lively juniper to remind you of fresh gin and tonic on a warm day. The final cologne was Vince Camuto. His signature. And what a wonderful way to finish the evening. In a stricking black bottle with dark shiny metal, you will find the smells of Italy. Lavender, musk, patchouli, mandarin and black pepper all allure you in to a sense of luxury and calm.

The event was beautiful, the floral arrangements were gorgeous, and the crowd were a perfect mixture of excited and contented. Vince Camuto's fragrances are launching exclusively with Debenhams, and are bound to be a success. 

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