The Marty Workshops have started!

The Marty Workshops have started!

Marty the Mighty Nose Workshop at Thomas’s Clapham

The Autumn term workshops for our education initiative Marty the Mighty Nose have started at Thomas’s Clapham.

Marty the Mighty Nose is a free resource for teachers offering easy and inspiring ideas for using the sense of smell to bring classroom learning to life.

The project is fronted by Marty, the faraway leader of a tribe of smell-loving characters who love nothing better than to hunt out interesting whiffs.

Marty the Mighty Nose is supported by a team of people including teachers, and developed by the Fragrance Foundation UK. We are a not-for-profit educational organisation and all our members are in the fragrance industry, supporting Marty as a philanthropic initiative.

Georgina White & Sarah Binns from the Kenneth Green Associates training department conducted this workshop – and it was a huge success!

I really enjoyed the experience of training the Marty workshop…the session was perfectly pitched for the school children: they loved describing and discussing all the different smells, and it was great to see everyone joining in with all the games and exercises. The idea of Marty, our smell-loving character from darkest Peru caused lots of hilarity, and the children were really excited to learn more about the sense of smell, as this is something different from their normal school day. – Georgina White, Head of Training

I very much enjoyed conducting the Marty workshops. It was great to see the expressions on the childrens faces when they discovered a new and exciting smell and the descriptive words that followed were impressively imaginative too! It was obvious that they very much enjoyed the session and the games and activities kept them engaged and excited throughout so they didn't even realise they were learning- always the best way! – Sarah Binns, Training Manager

The workshops really did beat my expectations. Georgina and Sarah's preparation and resources were excellent. The presentation was at the perfect level/pitch for the age range and the children were therefore engaged throughout the entire session. It was really fantastic. A massive thank you for everyone's hard work! I will definitely be recommending Marty to colleagues in other schools and also hope that you can return to us again in the future! – Alaine Nabarro, Thomas’s Clapham

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