The Academy Part 2 - The Science of Fragrance

On the 11th September, The Fragrance Foundation were proud to host the second part of The Academy: The Creation of Fragrance at Elizabeth Arden. We are so thankful that the lovely Angela Stavrevska from CPL Aromas could come and host the day for us and take us through her expertise as a perfumer.

The day was a huge success, with the attendees particularly enjoying the creation of their own fragrance which they could take home! We were also taken on an in-depth look at the fragrance house as a construct and it's role in the industry, had the pleasure of smelling some beautiful (and some not so beautiful!) raw materials. Before the creation of our own fragrances, we were taken through how some basic accords are created which was fascinating.

One attendee said "A wonderful course that was easy to understand. The right amount of information as well as interaction worked well. I feel more informed now and have a new love for fragrance! 

Overall, a fantastic day and we would love to thank Angela and Elizabeth Arden for hosting us!

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