The Academy Part 1 & Part 1 Advanced

The Fragrance Foundation hosted the first 2 parts of the Academy Training Course on Tuesday & Wednesday, and we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Master Perfumer Roja Dove talking us through the fundamentals of fragrance!

Everyone's noses were put the test as we were taken behind the jargon of the world of perfumery. On Tuesday Roja fascinated us with a brief history of perfumery, and also tested us on the difference between the Orientals.. the florals etc.

On Wednesday, we were taken into a more in-depth exploration of the raw materials, and we were lucky enough to smell some of the rarest & most expensive raw materials in the world. It was an amazing experience for everyone. Roja then spoke us through some of the standout perfumes in the last 100 years which was fascinating.

The Fragrance Foundation were proud to host such interesting & exciting training days & our thanks go to the wonderful Roja Dove!

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