Marty The Mighty Nose Training Day

Marty The Mighty Nose Training Day

Yesterday was a BIG day for Marty.

After travelling in to London with Georgia and Christie, he was greeted at the Puig head offices and lead in to their beautiful board rooms with stunning views. He was delighted to meet Jo Tillier and Tatiana Ohnyeva from Harrods, Ann-Louise Holland from Cosmic Communications, and Ruth Bellamy from Grazia. They all settled down with a hot coffee and the lovely Lizzie began her presentation.

Mighty Nose is a free resource for UK primary teachers offering easy and inspiring ideas for using the sense of smell to bring classroom learning to life. The Fragrance Foundation aim to inspire the general public as much as the industry, and what better way than starting with the noses of the future!

Lizzie is a passionate and enigmatic character, and her presentation reverted us all back to our childhoods as we became the students for her workshop. Throughout the day, we learnt about how smell alters your sense of taste, how smells travel, and how to use the sense of smell to improve our literacy skills.

The lesson was accompanied by props, animated videos by Richard E Grant, scratch and sniff stickers, and mystery smelling boxes. We were all totally captivated and we can't wait to get in to classrooms ourselves and show off our new found skills.

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