Jasmine Training with Will Andrews

Jasmine Training with Will Andrews

Will Andres is Principal Scientist in the P&G Prestige Fragrance Creation Team, and we were lucky enough to spend Monday afternoon with him!

His view of the Global Perfume Industry is informed by the process of designing the next generation of perfumes in the P&G Prestige portfolio (including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hugo Boss & Lacoste Parfums). His passion for the detail of fragrance creation, historical legacy and deep understanding of the perfume wearing audience enables him to inform the industry and public on all aspects of fragrance design.

Will treated us to a whirlwind 3 hours of perfume knowledge based arounf 'Perfume Short Stories'. We looked at the influence of Renaissance Florence, Naturals Vs. Sythetics, the language of scent, the 'Fruity Revolution', myth busting and what the future might bring... So much to fit in! 

It was a highly informative session with an inspiring collection of inspirational content, exploring the global perfumery industry via some of its more curious cultural concerns and technical challenges. 

A huge thank you firstly to Puig for hosting us, and of course to Will for giving us his time!

For any questions on further training days please contact Christie.

Just a few pages of notes were taken....!

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