Jasmine Training With Roja Dove June 15th

Jasmine Training With Roja Dove June 15th

We were with thrilled to be with Roja Dove on Wednesday 15th June for The Jasmine Training, inviting beauty and grooming writers. Roja was invited to Downing Street and made Ambassador for Great Britain for his creative work and the global impact it has had and we are honoured he gives his time to The Fragrance Foundation.

Whether exposing the more risqué aspects of perfume, or revealing the industry’s anecdotes that only he knows, Roja is mesmerising and conveyes the mysteries and exoticisms of perfume with fervour and passion. The day covers the origins of perfume through to the sense of smell, fragrance families and strengths.

“Roja has completely inspired me- his wealth of knowledge is incredible.”

“I feel like I have been equipped with some invaluable knowledge that I will be able to apply to my future work.”

For more information contact rachel@fragrancefoundation.co.uk

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