Busy week at The Fragrance Foundation!

Busy week at The Fragrance Foundation!

After last week's excitement with The Jasmine Awards we were in for another busy week!

On Tuesday we hosted The Academy Part 1 with Roja Dove where attendees were treated to an in-depth look into the sense of smell, methods of extraction, fragrance construction & families, the historical & cultural evolution of fragrance & olfactive activities!

Also on Tuesday we hosted Jasmine Training with Azzi Glasser at Vogue House. Journalists were treated to a look into the last 3 decades to date and analysing the changes in the fragrance market, how to match fragrances to your personality & style including creative thinking & writing - she also gave the journalists a chance to smell some of her be-spoke fragrances of her impressive Hollywood cliental - fascinating! She finished with a look into the link between art & fragrance.

On Wednesday we moved on to Roja Dove's Advanced course in The Fragrance Foundation Academy. We were treated to the chance to smell some of the rarest raw ingredients in the world for a really in depth look into the different notes & facets used in perfumery; a focus on the key ingredients used in perfumery and how they are obtained, and the olfactory effects they have.In the afternoon Roja took us on a historical journey of fragrance which was completely fascinating.

Finally (!) on Thursday we had the judging with our Jasmine Award winners for Best New Independent Fragrance for The Fragrance Foundation Awards. It was fascinating to listen to the debates and we can't wait to share with you the shortlist!

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