An Evening with Thierry Wasser

An Evening with Thierry Wasser

An evening with... Thierry Wasser

The Fragrance Foundation's Associate Committee recently presented 'An Evening With- Thierry Wasser' at The Mayfair Hotel. Thierry is the first in-house Perfumer to be welcomed into the family dynasty, approaching perfume creation with the same passion, attention to detail, and creative spirit as his predecessors, maintaining the highest level of quality in the selection of raw materials and staying true to the House motto, 'never compromise on quality'.

Thierry discussed his first memory of smell when growing up, his responsibilities as Head of Guerlain Parfum and how he goes about creating iconic fragrances such as La Petite Robe Noire & his recreation of Shalimar - a recreation inspired by his 17 year old God-Daughter. Thierry emphasized the importance of having someone in mind when creating fragrance.

The Fragrance Foundation were truly honoured to have Thierry Wasser as their guest; his passion for creating beautiful perfumes is obvious, he says 'you never know when to stop because there are no rules in making beautiful things'.

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