An Evening With The Educators

An Evening With The Educators

The Fragrance Foundation’s Associate Committee  presented ‘An Evening With… The Educators. With over 70 guests in attendance this gathering of the Fragrance Glitterati took place in the majestic surroundings of 1, Marylebone.

A drinks reception followed by a featured panel discussion with Annalise Quest, General Merchandise Manager for Beauty & Fine Jewellery, Harrods, hosting questions to a team of experts.

We were delighted to have Kim Cowan, Education Director, Aramis Designer Fragrances, Jane Gibbs, National Education Manager, Christian Dior and Lee Harding, Head of Training, Coty Prestige.

We were treated to a deeper understanding of Training in one of the world’s most competitive environments.

Annalise Quest was quoted saying “When you get more excited about meeting a Perfumer than Brad Pitt, you know you’ve got the Fragrance Bug.” And Kim Cowan had everyone nodding in agreement when she said “Fragrance is that affordable piece of luxury.”

The Fragrance Foundation were honoured to have these Speakers in attendance in what was an intimate and insightful evening.

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