Academy Training with Roja Dove

Academy Training with Roja Dove

Yesterday we hosted our Academy Training with Roja Dove. 24 lucky attendees joined us at the House of Fraser head quaters for a full day of fragrance education.

We were joined by delegates from Ashleigh & Burwood, Aspects Beauty, Clarins, Coty, Fenwick, Firmenich, Harrods, Jo Malone, Penhaligons, Puig, Wrapology and Yves St Laurent in the morning, where Roja started the day by telling us that it would be impossible for us to smell perfume in the same way ever again after the training. He was certainly right!

Mr Dove is a fountain of knowledge and we wished we could have had 8 days with him instead of 8 hours. His intricate knowledge of all aspects of the industry ensureed that every attendee's specific interests were catered for. After being given a "Mystery Fragrance", we discussed the way it made us feel, where it made us remember, who could have been wearing it, what else would they be wearing, what kind of materials, what kind of feel etc. The variation in opinion was fascinating. From the spice markets of Marrakesh, to a grandmothers lipstick drawer. From antique mink coats, to suede kaftans. The room was ripe with imagination, easily extraced by such accoplished and eloquant man. The exercise proved that fragrance is subjective and that should always be considered when markting, selling or producing a fragrance.

The science behind the sense of smell and the methods behind creating perfume was in depth and "Jargon-free" and everyone came away proud of the additional wisdom they had attained.

The day was a fantastic mix of theory and practical, putting our new found knowledge to the test trying to detect facets, families, classic fragrances, and modern iconic fragrances.

Finishing the day with a brief lesson on the history of fragrance, and a close look at some of Roja's astonishing collection of rare perfume bottles, our guests left with wide smiles and a lot of new found knowledge.

A huge thank you to House of Fraser for lending us their lovely rooms, and of course a huge thank you to Roja Dove for yet another inspiring day.

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