Olivier Marret

Vice Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation and General Manager, Puig

Olivier Marret

Olivier started at Puig in London in 1998 as Brand Manager for Paco Rabanne. After one year of backpacking around

the world, he moved in 2001 to Paris to the Skincare brand PAYOT, responsible for developing the Export business.

After 4 years in Switzerland, he came back to London in 2009 to lead the UK and Ireland subsidiary, and manage the integration of Valentino and recently Jean-Paul Gaultier, and the growth of Prada and Paco Rabanne (now the 2nd biggest fragrance house in the UK). Olivier is also a Board Director of The Fragrance Foundation.

He is a running addict (Marathons and semi-marathons) a travel fan, and an Arsenal supporter.

Why are you involved with The Fragrance Foundation?

I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to work in the Fragrance industry.

Being an active member of the Fragrance Foundation is a way for me to give back by dedicating some time to this very dynamic organisation.

We want people to understand the magical world of fragrances, wear fragrance and feel good when wearing it. This is my simple motivation when involved with the Fragrance Foundation.

Why do you love Fragrance?

It makes me feel good, cheerful, self-confident. It matches my personality, has a positive effect on my mood and my energy level.

It also brings some wonderful memories when I smell a fragrance I know and recognise.

What is your Scent Memory?

Frangipani flower is for me is associated forever to my year-off leaving London to go backpacking around the world, and finding this fragrance in Asia or South America.

Not only is the flower beautiful and simple, but the palette of smells covers several nuances: soft, fruity, peachy…

A fragrance I have not smelled for a while… an invitation to travel again !