Joanna Rogers

VP & Commercial Director for Beauty & Gifting Boots

Joanna Rogers

With a tremendous track record in the UK and internationally, Joanna joined Boots in January 2016.

Previously Joanna was Managing Director, Personal Health UK & Ireland for 5 years where she delivered business turn around taking UK & Ireland from a loss leader to the fastest growing Philips subsidiary within Europe.

Before joining Philips, Joanna led B2B and B2C marketing and business developments teams at Sage, Jackel International and Coty S.A.

A naturally curious leader with a strong passion for people and results and a love for the beauty industry. Motivated by building strong relationships and delivering the best out of people, with inspiration, vision and team work.

Why are you involved with The Fragrance Foundation?

I feel fragrance is such a wonderful industry and despite its size, it still is, in many aspects a hidden gem. There is a massive potential to expand people’s knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of fragrances and Fragrance Foundation helps in doing that.

Why do you love Fragrance?

I love fragrance because it’s like art, highly personal, emotive and requires genius to produce a great one

What is your Scent Memory?

My scent memory is from my early childhood.

Arriving at my grandparents’ house in summer, coming out of the car after long journey and enjoying the smell of wild flowers and grass warmed by a mid-day sun. To this day when I close my eyes I am back in time when I think of that smell