Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press 2019

On Tuesday 5thFebruary we were thrilled to host our first event of 2019; Hot off the Press - a Fragrance Foundation Breakfast Briefing providing insight into trends and opportunities within the Fragrance Market, covering sales, press & online marketing.

 Annalise Fard Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation welcomed the 120 industry guests who attended this year.

 From the 5 insightful presentations we are thrilled to share some key messages with you…



Consumers spend £1.3 billion on fragrance.

Shopping on smartphones is on the rise.

17% of the value of fragrance sales is made up online.

49% of fragrance sales are sold on price promotion.

Women’s new launches are up by 5%.

Trend in 2019 looking to be natural products that are eco-friendly!



My Market Insight

The Scented Letter delivered most print fragrance mentions.

The Daily Mail Online delivered the most online fragrance mentions.

Product Mentions of fragrance on social media is up by 39%.

24% of total ad spend is on top 10 hero products.

YouTube drives more social engagement than any other channel with 31 million views in the fragrance category.





61% of 18-35-year-olds bought a product as a result of influencer marketing.

Proving ROI is a challenge for 84% of marketers.

Need for authenticity in influencer marketing to build trust in a product you cannot experience online.

Influencer Marketing ties the brand and the product together.

Kim Kardashian still holds the highest record in engagement for a fragrance post selling $1 million per minute upon launch.





Newsbrands are a trusted guide in uncertain times as well as a powerful catalyst for change.

24 million people read a Newsbrand every day- more than ever before

Innovation and collaboration are key to remain relevant for the consumer.

A consumer has a very different response to an ad depending on the environment in which it appears.

Ads appearing in quality online environments are 42% more cost effective for advertisers vs. advertising which appears on the open exchange.

Advertising in a quality environment such as a tabloid makes your advert 19% more likely to be remembered and 10% more likely to be recommended.




Rise in specificity and personalisation with 40% of consumers saying they would be interested in personalised fragrances.

36% of customers say that there are not enough ‘Natural’ fragrances.

Summer purchasing is growing because easier access to internet shopping via Smartphones.

84% of males among 16-24-years-old use fragrance

YouTube is the most viewable online video destination with 94% viewability.

16-34-year-olds watch 2.5 hours a day of YouTube.

Closing the morning presentations  Linda Key Jackson CEO of The Fragrance Foundation thanked the guests with particular thanks to the presenters who generously provided their expertise.

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